man and woman aruging
Are you a fighter or are you a runner? While it may seem like a silly question it is actually one of the most important to answer about yourself in the context of your marriage. Why? Because knowing your natural inclinations when it comes to conflict will help you determine […]

Give Your Marriage A Fighting Chance

God and Money
Have you ever asked the question, “Does God want me to be poor?” I know I have. I don’t know exactly where the idea came in my thinking, but for some reason it always seemed more ‘spiritual’ to me to live a life with less money than more money. I […]

Does God Want Me To Be Poor?

sea hawks fans
Do you have a #1 fan? One of the things that makes sports so amazing is not just the athletes or the sport, it’s the fans. Everyone wants a #1 Fan. I recently read how the Seattle Seahawks were trying to create a blockade in the ticket sales for their upcoming […]

Your #1 Fan, Your Spouse

vintage light bulb
Never allow your past to keep you from pursuing your future. While our past can be one of our greatest teachers it often becomes a prison. Why? Let’s be real. It’s because it’s easier to continue old ways of doing things and old thought patterns then it is to change […]

Chains of the Past: Break Free to Pursue Your Future

That’ right. Sometimes you need to encourage yourself. Sometimes you need to pick yourself up from your boot straps. Walk yourself over to the mirror. Look yourself dead in the eyes. And authoritatively declare to yourself, “You are not giving up. You are a victor!” Trials, struggles, weakness, the temptation […]

Sometimes You Need to Encourage Yourself

holding back
It’s often said that your greatest enemy is yourself. What do you think? Are you your greatest enemy, your worst critic, or your greatest oppressor? One of the great things about living in times where things change so fast is there is so much opportunity for growth. However, whenever the […]

Are You Your Greatest Enemy?

its a wonderful life
If you have never watched “It’s A Wonderful Life” you are missing out on one of the greatest movies classics. Last night one of my youth boys and I took my wife out to celebrate her completion of her final college course for her B.A. When we got home snuggled […]

It’s A Wonderful Life

mirror 2
Yesterday as I was talking with some friends they started talking about what kind of wife they would like. Both expressed they wanted a wife who cared about her physical health. They reasoned if their wives cared for their physical health then their wives would push them physically too. They […]

You Are Responsible For You

How do you feel after a long, grueling workout? Do you hate it or love it? If you’re like me, you probably experience a little of both. The soreness I feel the next day, if I actually workout hard and push myself beyond my natural limits, is extremely painful. But, […]

Growing Intentionally: It Hurts So Good

good intentions
Just because you didn’t mean it does not mean it didn’t hurt. I cannot tell you how many times I have been confronted with this reality recently. How many times have you said something and it seemed to be taken in a way you did not mean? How many times […]

Good Intentions Are Not The Same As Good Actions

lift up
Assumption can either be a destructive or positive thing. I try to shoot to allow it to be a postivie thing by assuming the best. How about you? When there is lack of communication between you and someone else what do you assume? If your boss, spouse or friend doesn’t […]

Assumptions: Do They Help or Destroy?

Leaders, if the team does not weigh in it is highly unlikely the team will buy in. Most people will not submit, commit, or fully contribute until they have the invitation to engage their heart in the vision. The invitation is not the command to carry out the vision or […]

The Invitation: Inviting Your Team Into The Process