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Surrender. What a scary word in our day and culture. So many run from such words because of how it makes them “feel” and the questions it surfaces. Surrender makes you a loser right? Surrender means you’re weak or incapable of victorious achievement doesn’t it? If you surrender it means […]

Surrender Does Not Mean You Do Nothing

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What do you look for most in a loving relationship? I’m not talking about a surface level relationship with some ‘associate.’ I’m talking about a deeply loving, faithful, heart fully engaged type of relationship. Are you looking for affirming words, loving touches, gifts, money, or security? When I asked my […]

Wherever You Are, Be Fully There

Relationships are work, they are an investment. This means they take time to build, effort to grow, and protection to thrive. It’s funny how we look at our jobs, schooling, a career, or the pursuit of a dream as needing intentional effort, but assume our relationships will just happen. No […]

Relationships Are Work… And Worth It

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed thinking about all the things you could be, should be, or are not doing? Isn’t it one of the most oppressive feelings to be weighed down by? Let me set you free right now. You can’t do everything. And, you are not meant too! I […]

You Can’t Do Everything

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As long as you try to be someone else you will be miserable. There is nothing wrong with looking at the lives of others and admiring where they are, upholding their characteristics, or affirming their achievements. But, the minute you allow thoughts of comparison to overtake you the shadow of […]

You Are Not Everyone Else

When you walk into a room of people what do you expect to experience? In most cases, you will find what you are looking for. I often talk with people who enter into rooms with unfamiliar people already preparing themselves to be rejected so they emotionally cower. As a result […]

What Are You Looking For?

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One of the most important elements to any journey is celebration. However, it is often one component so commonly overlooked. As we began to knock out our debt we began to develop the art of celebration. Going through Dave Ramsey’s process of the Debt Snowball in The Total Money Makeover: […]

Our Journey to Financial Freedom – Pt. 3: Celebration

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Does pursuing our sensing of calling and passions have to be placed on hold in order for us to get out of debt? This was a very real question my wife and I began to ponder when we made the decision to get out of debt. As we were reading […]

Our Journey to Financial Freedom Pt. 2: You’re A Team

“The grass is always greener on the other side.” What a vicious, debilitating, imprisoning, and deceptive thought. I’ve realized that it is often because you buy into the deception that the grass is greener on the other side that you never began to look at your own lawn. You see […]

The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side

After being married for about 2 1/2 years we got fed up. Not with each other, but with living paycheck to paycheck and being in debt. So we decided to do something about it. Towards the end of 2012 two major phrases began to resonate in my mind, “The number […]

Our Journey to Financial Freedom – Pt. 1

Husbands, do you realize your wife is a sign of the favor of God over your life? I know what you’re thinking, “If she was a sign of favor then why do we argue so much? Why does it seem like we clash all the time? Why are our finances […]

A Wife: The Sign of Favor

Do you draw the best out of others? Leadership is not so much about your success as it is about the success of others. Great leaders are not only able to identify great things in others, but they are skillful in the art of drawing greatness out of them. They […]

Leaders Draw Greatness Out of Others