boxer up
You’re going to get knocked down, how will you respond when you do? Any time you set out to accomplish something there are going to be barriers. For some reason people grow up believing once they become adults things will be smooth sailing. Where we get this, I don’t know. […]

It’s Time To Get Up

Which part of your body is most important? Is there really one part of your body that is more important than the other? If you had to choose, which parts of your body would you say are the essentials, which are those you could discard? Would it be your eye, […]

You Are Needed, You Are Wanted

I love it when people say, “I’m praying for patience.” It always makes me laugh. Not because it is not needed, but because I know it is needed. But, the only thing about continually praying about patience is when you’re praying for something you usually are not actively participating in […]

Patience Is A Choice Not Something You Pray For

Oh patience… That so lofty word, concept, virtue, and fruit of the Spirit. Whatever you want to call it, patience is great to desire, but not necessarily so easy to live out; especially when you live in a microwave culture like we do. However, without patience our relationships would cease to […]

Love Is Patient