No Average Joe Here… Are You Settling?

Settling is the easy ways of saying, “I don’t believe I’m worth it,” and “I don’t believe I can do it.”

When my wife and I were drowning in consumer debt I was constantly hit with the question, “Why?” “Why are you settling for average? Why are you setting to live paycheck to paycheck?”

I remember making tons of excuses for us like, “Our jobs don’t pay enough. We are not educated enough. It’s the system. It’s the government. It’s this country. It’s because I’m Mexican.” Yea, I went there. I pulled the race card out to justify my settling. Sad. I know.

Finally, I was slapped in the face with the truth. I’m settling because I didn’t really believe I was worth more than where I was and I didn’t yet believe I could do something about it. A harsh reality you say, yes. But, true.

Anyone who ever achieves something great, pursues their dreams, or aspires for more comes to grips with the truth that they are worth more than average. They begin to understand and believe their dreams have value, their potential is longing to be tapped, and there is greatness inside of them.

No_Average_JoeSettling does nothing but pet our low valued ego. Settling justifies the lies we believe about ourselves and feeds the lies we hear from others. But at the end of the day, you know what settling says of us, “You don’t believe you’re worth it. You don’t believe you can do it.”

You are worth it. You can do it. If others can pursue their dreams and make amazing contributions to the world, why can’t you? If others can get the promotion, why can’t you? If others can unleash their potential, why can’t you? Others will move forward in their lives, why not you?

It’s not about comparison. It’s not about you trying to do what others can do. It’s about you believing that you were created with purpose, that no one else in this world shares your finger print. Only you can be you and the world needs you. You have something to contribute. Something that others are longing to be unleashed from you.

Determine today, “I will not settle for less than greatness. I’m worth it. I can do it. There is more for me than average. There is no average Joe here!” Declare over yourself what Shawn Flynn shouts, “I didn’t come this far to be average!” You were made for more. Go get it!

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