We Are Family. We Are One. We Are The Church.

SP Retreat

Final Service: Prophesying and Praying for SP Founding Pastors and Spiritual Parents Sam & Lisa Song

This past weekend rocked me in such a necessary way. There is nothing quite like God blowing the roof off your expectations. Everyone of us needs a good blasting by his love in such a way that our spiritual lid is lifted beyond anything we have ever experienced.

When we arrived in Hong Kong I was awed by the hospitality of Solomon’s Porch Hong Kong. Family. This is what we are, from all different nations, backgrounds, vocations, and upbringings. It is so amazing to see a body of believers from all different nations, directed by God each in their own unique way, to become a powerful house in Hong Kong. It was beautiful and powerful to see God expanding the influence of their house to Singapore and Mainland China.

The church is not meant to be a building full of passionate believers, but a global movement of relentless love manifesting the powerful, reconciling heart of a great and glorious God. Solomon’s Porch is a testament to the heart of God to build his house, not as a four-walled structure, but as a living, thriving, working, and empowered people. 

Primarily a body built up of professionals allows for every traditional view of ministry to be challenged and shaken at its core. Are not all believers ministers? Are not all believers called to proclaim the glorious gospel of God’s great redemptive work among the world? Are not all believers called to minister before the altar of God? Are not all believers called to partner with God in his mission to reconcile the world to himself through the awesome, sacrificial work of his Son and power of the Spirit?

The church as ministers before God and with God. A family reaching out to those who don’t yet know they also are meant to be called precious sons and daughters of the Most High God; this is what God has made his people to be. Not a stale, flavorless, powerless people. But, a blooming, flourishing, blessed community of faith that takes risks, believes for the impossible, and pursues the unimaginable.

Whether you are a banker, teacher, police officer, government official, homemaker, athlete, or work in a church context, you ARE a powerful, anointed, minister of the Gospel. Ministry was never reserved only for the seminary educated man or woman. You are an ambassador of reconciliation. You are not alone and you are not powerless. You are not unqualified because you did not go to seminary or bible college. You are qualified through the “God who wills and acts in you according to his good pleasure… who created you in Christ Jesus to do good works, which he prepared in advance for you to do.”

Through my family at Solomon’s Porch God refreshed my faith, spurred my desire to dream bigger, believe for more, and to pursue the blessing of God so the world may know my God is not small, but mighty in the land. God is not interested in what you think you could do, he is interested in what he can do through you. Your failings or shortcomings are no match for his redemptive work and his all empowering presence. You see yourself as small, but God see you as great because he is great in you!

I thank God for the blessing of being among his body all the way around the world. I go back home mutually encouraged, ready to move forward in greater measure than ever before. Solomon’s Porch is a mighty house. We are family. We are one. We are the church.

Let’s Do This Together

Do you see yourself as a minister of the Gospel in your particular context? In which ways do you need to allow reshape your concept of being a minister of the Gospel?

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