We Choose To Remember: Memorial Day

Memorial DayYesterday, Monday, May 27, 2014, “Memorial Day,” was such a beautiful day for me. My wife, my teenage boy, and our two precious puppies went to my brother’s house and had a blast. We had a bbq, I made some bomb quacamole, and we swam the day away in his pool with my siblings, parents, nieces, nephews and friends.

Then, about half way through the bqq my eldest brother, who bravely served and continues to our country in the military, approached his ipod music station, slowly lowered the volume and began to speak with great authority and sincere conviction. His words pierced my heart and were a sobering reminder of the power of remembering.

“I know we are having a good time eating and hanging out. But, I just want us to take some time today to remember all those who can’t celebrate with us today. We are able to be here enjoying our family and day because of the sacrifice they made. They gave their lives and left their families so we could experience this freedom, so we can be with our families today. So please take some time today to remember them.”

No one likes war. The loss of life that results from it is heart wrenching. However, regardless of your view on war, there is a sobering reality to the fact that our lives would definitely not be what they are without the sacrifice of men and women who dared to dream of a better tomorrow.  They willingly laid down their lives so we could experience life.

All those who gave their lives in the Civil War so that this country would have a united future are not forgotten. All those who sacrificed in the World Wars to destroy the tyranny of hate filled genocide are not forgotten. All those who could not celebrate with us on our soil yesterday because they are still offering their lives so we could celebrate are not forgotten.  Their memory is not lifeless. It lives on and will continue to live on because we choose to remember.

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