Wherever You Are, Be Fully There

eye to eyeWhat do you look for most in a loving relationship? I’m not talking about a surface level relationship with some ‘associate.’ I’m talking about a deeply loving, faithful, heart fully engaged type of relationship. Are you looking for affirming words, loving touches, gifts, money, or security?

When I asked my youth this question they got pretty deep. They shared how they are looking for: loyalty, affirming words, consistency, sincere affection, and trust. These are some pretty solid answers, especially coming from teenagers. How about coming from you? What does your heart long for in a relationship?

Presence. Presence is one of the most important things for me in a relationship. When I think about loving relationships I have had with my parents, friends, leaders, or others my heart yearns for presence.

Words are great and powerful. Gifts are fun and thoughtful. Service is endearing and helpful. Touch is needed and affirming. But, there is no substitute for fully engaged, wholehearted presence demonstrated in quality time. And, I believe this is a God-given desire for every human being.

God designed you for deep, sincere, intimate relationship. Your ability to engage in relationship is one of the greatest reflections of God’s likeness in you. He exists in perfect relational union, Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. And, you were made to mirror this beautiful, unbroken fellowship.

We see Jesus in Matthew 10:1 getting ready to send out the disciples for ministry. But, before he sent them out to do any works, miracles, or deliverance sessions he called them to be with him. To be with him.

God longs to be with us. Not only was this Jesus’great promise in the great commission, “And surely I will be with you always until the very end of age.” But, it was the whole reason He came on earth, to bring humanity back into unbroken relationship with God. God longs not only to be with us, but for us to be fully with him.

God does not want us just to know that he is omnipresent, every where, all the time. But, he wants  us to learn to be with him daily, to be consciously aware of his presence at every moment of every day. Whether you are at work, playing a sport, doing the dishes, or at school. God wants to be with you and for you to be with him in the midst of it all.

You were made for presence. To be present with people and to be present with God. Don’t allow things to deter you from being fully engaged with God and others. Make those times to be fully present. Guard those times in your days with every ounce of strength you have.

As you are spending intentional time with God or connecting with a friend or spouse, learn to be fully present. Wherever you are, be fully there.

Let’s Do This Together

What is your number one hindrance for being fully present with God and others?

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