You Are Not Everyone Else

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As long as you try to be someone else you will be miserable.

There is nothing wrong with looking at the lives of others and admiring where they are, upholding their characteristics, or affirming their achievements. But, the minute you allow thoughts of comparison to overtake you the shadow of self destruction will seek to overtake you. You were never meant to be them and they were never meant to be you.

You have greatness inside of you, but it is not the greatness of another human being. And, it is not greatness for greatness sake. You are unique and there is non like you. You are distinct from every other human being on this planet and there is none that can ever be you.

You were created by God and for him. He has uniquely made you, you are precious in his sight. And, he made only one of you, just like he made only one of everyone else.

When you dwell in self loathing it is because you have not yet recognize the beauty and greatness with which you were formed. Or, it is because you have dwelt too long on the function of your formation. You have striven so hard to do something great, accomplish something phenomenal, or to become known.

Beyond being formed for doing something, you were formed for being someone; a child of God, precious, loved, valued, cherished, and great. Until you enter into the place of being you will always focus your energies on doing. This is why it becomes easy to compare yourself to others, what they are accomplishing and how successful they seem to be.

You are you and that is awesome. You were created by God and for God. You were created to be his child who lives, moves, and has her being in him. You are his child who he loves, whose good he works for. You are his child whose life he works in to will and act according to his good pleasure.

Until you embrace this you will continue to strive to be like others.┬áIt’s time to embrace the beauty of your uniqueness in Christ. To rejoice in it.

Of course you need to grow. Your character will develop, your talents will need to be discovered, and your skills will need to be honed. Yes, you can admire and even aspire to grow as others have. But, you are not everyone else. You are you and this is awesome.

Let’s Do This Together

Where in your life do you strive to be like others or compare yourself to others? How can you embrace who God has called you to be today?

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