What Are You Looking For?


When you walk into a room of people what do you expect to experience? In most cases, you will find what you are looking for.

I often talk with people who enter into rooms with unfamiliar people already preparing themselves to be rejected so they emotionally cower. As a result they enter the room timid, insecure, and hesitant. Or, they enter the arrogant, boastful, and self centered in order to compensate for their fear of being rejected.

When you walk into a room with unfamiliar people you need to know who you are. Refuse to allow the feelings, thoughts, or reactions of people to determine who you will be around them. Of course, you want to be sensitive to your surroundings. Yes, you want to walk humbly and not think to highly of yourself. But, you never, ever, ever, are called to cower before anyone.

Your confidence is a gift from God. It’s not you being great at performing, it’s about knowing who God is, knowing who he says you are in him, and knowing that he is always with you.

You are growing, you’re moving forward. And, you should always move forward in confidence.

When you try something new or go among a new group of people, don’t go into it looking to fail or be rejected, go into it looking to grow. Failure will be found by anyone who merely pokes a glance at it and rejection is knocking at everyone’s door. But, growth happens to those who intentionally search it out. What are you looking for?

Be confident in the fact that you are growing. If you are one step ahead of where you were yesterday you are growing. Allow your confidence to grow not just in your abilities, but in your growth.

God is willing and acting in you according to his good pleasure, in ‘failure’ and in ‘success.’ God is interested in your final destination and he is rejoicing with you the whole way there. Look for the goodness of God being revealed in your life right now. Look for growth and you will find it.

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