Our Journey to Financial Freedom – Pt. 1

breaking-the-chainsAfter being married for about 2 1/2 years we got fed up. Not with each other, but with living paycheck to paycheck and being in debt. So we decided to do something about it.

Towards the end of 2012 two major phrases began to resonate in my mind, “The number one cause of divorce is financial conflict… The borrower is slave to the lender.” Studies, statistics and life experience have proven both of these to be undeniably true, but it wasn’t the studies that persuaded us to start doing something about our financial situation, it was more than that.

It was the fact that we valued our marriage far too much to allow our lack of discipline with money to destroy it. It was the fact that we were sick and tired of being sick and tired of not having anything at the end of the month. We hated not being able to buy food we wanted too. We loathed the fact that we couldn’t give to others the way we wanted too. We abhorred feeling like we needed to dodge the constant calls of the credit hounds.

My wife and I wanted to honor God with our money. We wanted to honor one another by working through the money “stuff” together and giving our marriage a fighting chance in this area. We wanted to leave a lasting, positive legacy for our future family. And, we wanted to use our wealth to transform the world for the better.

The stage was set, the financial nausea was far too immense to stay where we were. And then, the big bomb came, Dave’s Ramsey’s “Total Money Makevoer.” A friend purchased it for me in December of 2012. I ripped through it and was poked, prodded, challenged, and compelled to do something different…

If you want something you never had, you have to do something you have never done.

Honestly, it was scary. We were used to our routine. We got comfortable just making it by. We didn’t need a lot of money to be happy right? Besides, how were we going to make more money with our already crazy schedules?

I was serving in full-time ministry, we all know that is far more than a 40 hour a week job. She was working part-time and going to school full-time. Did I need to quit ministry and find something else to get us out of this hole? Did she need to quit school and stop pursuing her passion until we got our heads above water financially?

The words of Dave Ramsey continued to blast me.

We determined that God did not want us to be in debt the rest of our lives. We determined we needed to do something different. And we awoke to the reality that no one was going to do this for us. We needed to step up to the plate.

We began seeking God’s face for clear direction on the next step.

Let’s Do This Together

Are you satisfied with your financial situation? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Have you embraced the reality that if you don’t do anything about it that it will not change?

To purchase “The Total Money Makeover” click the link below:

The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

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