A Wife: The Sign of Favor

Husbands, do you realize your wife is a sign of the favor of God over your life?marriage

I know what you’re thinking, “If she was a sign of favor then why do we argue so much? Why does it seem like we clash all the time? Why are our finances crazy? And, why does it seem like so much work?”

Marriage is work, but it is one of the greatest gifts God has ever given to humanity. But, even more specifically, a wife is one of God’s greatest gifts to man. Proverbs 18:22 says, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord.” 

When you enter into the marriage covenant there is a special grace released over you as a husband to love your wife the way God loves his people. The Bible often speaks of God as the groom and his people as the bride. His love is unconditional, patient, kind, merciful, securing and empowering.

The very fact you have entered into a marriage covenant is a sign of that grace and love being released over your life. Your wife is not just someone you chose to marry. She is not just a woman who is meant to do your every bidding. Your wife is not only a daughter of God meant to be cherished above all others, but she is also a key that unlocks the favor of God over your life in a way no other person can.

If we are not careful as husbands we can allow the most precious of graces to become a familiar thing rather than a “good thing.” It’s imperative that we refuse to treat as common one of God’s most worthy blessings. Husbands, if you’re looking for the favor of God to be released over your life then look no further than your wife.

Are you walking in the favor that has been released over your life?

The favor of God is not a feeling or something that only denotes God smiling over you. It is not just a concept of God’s delight of you, the favor of God is empowering. The favor of God is actionable.

Paul said, “By the grace of God I worked harder than all the apostles…” The grace of God is his unmerited favor that empowers us for action. And, it moves God to action. God granted his favor over men and women of Scripture and empowered them for great tasks. God granted his people favor and it was demonstrated by Him moving people and things on their behalf.

The favor of God is over you as a husband to empower your wife, to help her to rise up in the full measure of what God has for her. God’s favor is unleashed in you to protect her, provide for her, speak lovingly over her, and support her in all her endeavors. The favor of God is over you to work and care for your wife. The favor of God is over you to empathize with her every emotion.

When you feel like your emotions are tapped out, the favor of God is there to empower you to enter into His heart for your wife. You are not powerless to love your wife, understand your wife, care for your wife, or draw greatness out of your wife.

The favor of God is all over you. It is powerful, it is a sign of God’s delight, and it is actionable.

Let’s Do This Together

Do you see your wife as a sign of God’s favor? Where do you need to embrace God’s favor to love your wife more fully?

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