Leaders Draw Greatness Out of Others

Do you draw the best out of others?

lift_others-upLeadership is not so much about your success as it is about the success of others. Great leaders are not only able to identify great things in others, but they are skillful in the art of drawing greatness out of them. They are tactful, intentional, and strategic in recognizing and cultivating the seeds of greatness in others.

Anyone can rise to the top, but not anyone can bring others with them. It’s often asked, “How many people did you have to step on to get where you are?” But for a great leader this question is appalling. For her the question is always, “How many people helped you to get where you are and how many did you bring with you?”

Leaders should never be lonely at the top. Yes, there is a certain responsibility leaders carry that others may not fully understand until they step in the leader’s shoes. However, if the leader has led well there are always others around him to help hold him up, draw strength from, and to continue to sharpen him.

Whether you are leading your family, employees, a sports team, or a ministry here are a couple questions to ask to help draw the best out of others:

1.  What gifts, passions, and sense of calling do those around me have? If those around me could do anything they desired what is it?

2. What is hindering those around me from fully divulging what is inside of them?

3. What specific things can I do to help tap into the latent skills, talents, or drive in those around me?

4. Am I supportive of what those around me are passionate about? If not, how can I be supportive in a way they will receive it?

5. Are those around me free to make mistakes as they pursue their passions or are they afraid I will come down on them?

6. Do those around me really believe that I want to help them flourish or do they believe I am using them to further myself?

7. Am I truly seeking to build the lives of others and add value to their lives or am I using them to further myself?

Great leadership is never easy, but it is worth it. Great leadership builds the lives of others, adds value to their lives, and thinks multigenerationally. Great leaders always think beyond themselves.

Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions. Those around you are a gift from God. They are not objects or tools, they are living, breathing, valuable, human begins. They are of great worth. And, they long to go further with you.

People are longing to walk with their leader. They desire to rise to the top with you and they deserve it. Without them you would not be there; without them you definitely will not remain there.

Let’s Do This Together

Are you seeking success only for yourself or are you working to draw greatness out of others? In what ways do you need to be more intentional about drawing greatness out of others?

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