Does God Want Me To Be Poor?

God and MoneyHave you ever asked the question, “Does God want me to be poor?” I know I have. I don’t know exactly where the idea came in my thinking, but for some reason it always seemed more ‘spiritual’ to me to live a life with less money than more money.

I have often heard both Christians and non-Christians talk about how Christians are not supposed to be rich; that it is a sin to make a lot of money or have a lot of money. However, the more I study scripture the less I find any backing for this idea.

Matter of fact, I have not yet found one verse in Scripture where there is a command for the believer in Jesus Christ to be poor financially.

Now there is a verse that speaks about the “love of money” being a root to all kinds of evil. There is a verse where Jesus says the ‘poor in spirit’ are blessed. The Bible does tell us we can’t serve God and money. And, I’ve found a story where Jesus tells a rich young ruler to sell all he has and give to the poor, but the context is in dealing with the fact that his riches cannot save him.

I have found many verses where God talks about giving to the poor. But, I have yet to find a command for believers to be poor, be afraid of money, or even to shun money.

There are verses where God commands us not to pursue dishonest gain, not to use peddle the Gospel for money, and to put the kingdom first. But, I don’t find anything in scripture where it says money is evil, believers should not have it, and it is sin for believers to pursue wealth.

On the contrary, the Bible teaches verses like give generously, God loves a cheerful giver, it is better to give than receive, he who sows generously will reap generously, use your worldly wealth to gain influence, all nations will be blessed through you, you will be a lender to the nations, a righteous man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, and wealth and riches are in the house of those who fear the Lord and take great delight in his commands. These are all biblical premises speaking specifically about finances, not ‘spiritual’ blessings.

The point is, how can you give when you have nothing to give? How can you reap generously when you have nothing to sow? How can you be a lender to nations when you are barely making it pay check to pay check? How can you leave an inheritance to your grandchildren if you don’t even have enough for retirement?

God is not looking for believers to be poor. He is looking for sons and daughters that he can entrust not only with spiritual riches. He is looking for those he can entrust financial riches to so that they can bless others, sow into other’s lives, give generously, leave an inheritance, and use their wealth for good things!

God does not want you to be poor, He wants you to be able to do what the good Samaritan did. After he helped the man off the street he took him to an inn, cleaned him up, paid for all his expenses and then left a coin to help cover his future expenses as well. He could not have left a coin if he didn’t have one.

As in the parable of the talents, God wants to be able to entrust you with 30, 60, and 100 times what you have now. Can you handle it if He did?

Let’s Do This Together

What are your thoughts about God & finances? If God entrusted you with great wealth would it wreck you or further the glory He is receiving from your life?

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