Your #1 Fan, Your Spouse

Do you have a #1 fan?Rams Seahawks Football

One of the things that makes sports so amazing is not just the athletes or the sport, it’s the fans. Everyone wants a #1 Fan.

I recently read how the Seattle Seahawks were trying to create a blockade in the ticket sales for their upcoming playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers. Why? Because they want to stop 49er fans from coming in and pack out the stadium with Seahawk fans. Pretty crazy right? No. It’s actually genius.

Why? Because they not only want “home field” advantage, they want “home fan” advantage. They want to be able to look in the stands and gaze upon a sea of navy blue, sliver, and neon green. They want their heads to rattle with chants of “Seahawks, Seahawks.” They want to be infused with the momentum of thousands upon thousands who are on their side. And, they know that they perform at their best when they are at home and their fans are fully in their corner.

Did you know the same is true in marriage? You may not have realized it, but you are longing for “home field” and “home fan” advantage in your marriage.

Who wants to come home to a negative husband or a nagging wife? Who wants to step into the door only to be hit by a thunderstorm of “you didn’t do this and you didn’t do that?” Who wants to come home from a grueling day of work only to be smacked in the face with the pounding “boos”  of “you’re not good enough?” No one.

You have to realize how great of a privilege you have in the life of your spouse. You, more than anyone else, know the things that can break him or build him up. Each one of you should embrace the opportunity you have to affirm, support, and help your spouse become the best he or she could be. There is no one in the world who is meant to be able to encourage you like your spouse and there is no one who is meant to encourage your spouse like you. Each of you hold a place in the other’s heart that is hemmed up for only you, this seat is taken.

Your home is meant to be the 2nd most safest place in the world, the first is your marriage. No matter where you and your spouse are God has intended your marriage to be the place where you can be yourself fully without the fear of being rejected, shut up, or replaced. But this takes time, effort, intention, and energy. You have to choose to create an environment in your marriage where you refuse to tear each other down and determine to affirm one another.

Your wife should be able to share her deepest fears with you without you becoming defensive or making her feel bad for them. Your husband should be able to share his greatest failures with you without the fear of being looked at as less of a man or an inadequate husband. Your marriage is meant to be the safety and most uplifting place for you. When you can create in your marriage you both will flourish!

Be intentional today to begin to work towards making your marriage the safest place on earth. Create “home field” and “home fan” advantage for one another. Determine that when either of you step into the stadium of your home you will be greeted by a roar of affirming chants and cheers!

Let’s Do This Together

What is one way you can work on creating “home field” and “home fan” advantage in your marriage today?

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