Are You Your Greatest Enemy?

holding backIt’s often said that your greatest enemy is yourself. What do you think? Are you your greatest enemy, your worst critic, or your greatest oppressor?

One of the great things about living in times where things change so fast is there is so much opportunity for growth. However, whenever the growth factor increases the unknown factor increases right along side it. How do you respond? 

Someone who has braced herself for change is primed for change, for opportunity. This person has poised herself, prepared herself, and can tackle the unknown with utmost confidence. She has become her greatest asset, she has become her own most motivating factor. The unknown is not a fearful thing, but an exciting thing.

However, when we are not ready for it the change or the unknown becomes an oppressive thing. Someone who has not equipped himself for change or opportunity is often riddled with anxiety when it appears. His voice of, “There is too much risk… It’s too unstable… You’re not prepared for this… You can’t handle this…” becomes the loudest in his ear. He has become his own greatest enemy, his worst critic, and greatest oppressor.

I don’t know about you, but my natural inclination is to blame people, my background, and situations from holding me back from taking change on with great confidence. “I’m not prepared because of this… I don’t have enough experience here… My voice won’t be taken seriously… If they would have helped me more… I like this safe and secure place… If I grew up in a different place…” If I were to be truly honest I am often my greatest oppressor.

If any of these types of thoughts have gone through your head at any time when change and opportunity has arisen, then perhaps you too have been your greatest oppressor.

How do you fight it? Understanding… “A ruler who lacks understanding is a great oppressor…” (Proverbs 28:16). You are a ruler. Maybe you don’t think you are a leader or in a position of power. Maybe people are not under your authority at work. But, you are still a ruler. You are in control of you, you are meant to rule you.

You are meant to rule your emotions, thoughts, habits, and lifestyle. However, when you lack understanding of yourself, the divine privileges God has given you, and the power that God has placed in you then you become oppressive. Sometimes it is our ignorance that keeps us at the place of oppression, oppressing others, but most of all oppressing ourselves.

Growing in understanding of yourself, your gifts, passions, skills, personality, etc. is one of the greatest ways to dethrone fear of change, fear of the unknown in your life. Growing in understanding in who God says you are, what He has placed in you, and what He has promised you empowers you to take opportunity and risk head on. Change and opportunity become exciting things, not fearful things.

Seek growth, seek understanding.

Let’s Do This Together

Where in your life have you been afraid of change or opportunity? How can understanding empower you to move forward?

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