You Are Responsible For You

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Yesterday as I was talking with some friends they started talking about what kind of wife they would like. Both expressed they wanted a wife who cared about her physical health. They reasoned if their wives cared for their physical health then their wives would push them physically too. They turned and asked me, “What do you think? Does your wife push you to be healthy?”

I thought about my marriage for a moment and responded, “Yea, my wife definitely wants me to be healthy.” But just as I said this the thought immediately hit me and I blurted out, “I understand what you guys are saying, but the reality is if you don’t take responsibility over your health it doesn’t matter how much your wife cares about her health or your health.”

The crazy thing was, while I shared this with them the words pierced my heart like a dagger.

Why did the words cut so deep? Well, we often think our spouses, friends, family members, pastors, or leaders are responsible for helping us grow or making better choices for our lives. I haven’t experienced this more than in my personal marriage. There have been countless times where I have said, “Well if you encouraged me here then I would have did this… If you would have helped me I could have done better… If you just would not let me eat it… If you just would not bring it into the house…”

What I have realized is while I may feel these things this way of thinking puts the responsibility of my life in the hands of another. Can people motivate you towards things? Of course. Can people help you along the process of change or betterment? Of course. But, you are fully and solely responsible for you.

One of the biggest reality checks I have experienced in my marriage is until I start caring about my life enough to make better choices, decisions, and actions my life will continue in the direction it is going. And, it is nobody’s fault but mine. Oh, it stings so much. But, it is so real.

You, and you alone, are the one you see in the mirror. Marred as the image may be, blurred as your vision may be, it is still you staring back at you. You have the power to govern your soul. You have the power to determine what direction you want to move in. You have the power to decide whether you will stay where you are or plunge forward.

Is it scary? It can be. Is it exciting? It can be. Is it empowering? Definitely.

You are meant to have ownership of you. If you don’t take responsibility of your life, decisions, actions, and thoughts then you are forfeiting your God-given right to live freely by indirectly living as a slave to others. Yes, it may be easier to blame someone else for where you are, but the truth is you put yourself there giving up your God-given right to rule yourself.

Let’s Do This Together:

Where in your life do you need to step up and begin to take greater responsibility for yourself?

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