It’s Time To Get Up

boxer upYou’re going to get knocked down, how will you respond when you do?

Any time you set out to accomplish something there are going to be barriers. For some reason people grow up believing once they become adults things will be smooth sailing. Where we get this, I don’t know. But, it is so far from the truth.

You’re going to have struggle, trials, conflict, adversity, obstacles, and opposition. No one is exempt from all these. But, just because you go through them does not mean you have to be a victim of them.

Everyone is going through a hard battle, everyone gets blindsided, everyone is tempted to quit at one time or another. But, the difference between a victor and loser is one gets back up.

It’s time to get up.

You may feel dizzy. Your knees may have been wobbling while your eyes were seeing double. You may be laying on the floor dazed. You may be down, but you are not out.

It’s time to get up.

Refuse to remain on the canvas of discouragement. Refuse to drown yourself in the pool of pity.

It’s time to get up.

You are a victor. Matter fact, you are more than a victor! Paul says it this way, “Praise be to God who always gives us the victory through Christ Jesus… You are more than conquerors through him who loved you.”

Getting knocked down does not mean you are defeated. You may have to lay there for a moment. You may have to regain your equilibrium. But you are not defeated! Defeat is a false reality to you. Defeat is an illusion.

You are victorious. “For though a righteous man falls 7 times he rises again!” You may fall. You may get knocked off the path. You may wander from the path and get tripped up. But you rise again, and again, and again. You are a victor!

It’s time to get up.

Stop wailing over how many times you have been hit. Stop squandering your time rehearsing how so and so did not help you when you needed it. Fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith. He began it in you and he is going to complete it.

He told us we would have trouble in this world, but he commanded and declared “take heart for I have overcome the world.” Your struggle is not foreign to the human experience. And your victory should not be foreign to your life in Christ.

You are victorious, regardless if you feel like it or not. You are a champ. Now get up and keep swinging.

It’s time to get up.

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