Do People Love Your Presence?

charlie brownOne of the things I love most about coming home is the way my dog Rio greets me. For about 2 mintues after I walk in the door he will smother me by jumping up and down, licking me, and running around me in circles. He makes me feel like a million dollars! No matter how bad my day was, how many times I messed up at work, or how many people I may have offended, Rio is always happy to see me.

Rio loves my presence. And, because he loves my presence I love his presence. Funny how that works.

Do people love your presence? When you walk into work are people enthralled to see you? When you walk into the door after a long day of work is your wife filled with joy to see you?

Your presence can either infuse joy or extract it; it can either give life or quench it.

You want to be in the presence of people who are going to appreciate you, give you attention, and affirm you right? No one wants to be around someone who is a killjoy, a dream crasher, or a negative Nancy. So choose to do for others what you would love for them to do for you.

When you walk into your house, spend the first couple minutes giving your spouse your undivided attention. Take a moment to look around, look her up and down, and find a reason to compliment her, affirm her, or appreciate her. When you walk into your job be intentional to take the first couple minutes to engage those you see. Rather than tell them all about how your week or day is going, focus the conversation on them, let them be the center of your positive attention.

People love to be around people that give them energy. Joy, delight, and life are contagious. Everyone wants to experience them. Everyone longs to be captured by them.

In God’s presence there is fullness of joy and at his right hand there are pleasures evermore, it is amazing! You cannot enter into the presence of God without being captured by His joy and delight. That doesn’t mean you always feel those things in his presence, but it is there for the taking if you want it.

If you carry the presence of God in you, shouldn’t people experience joy and delight in your presence as well? Your presence is meant to be a joy and delight whirlwind; whoever is sucked into your presence is sucked into a tornado of life. Let life flow through you today, let your presence become a delight everywhere you go.

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