Patience Is A Choice Not Something You Pray For

got-patienceI love it when people say, “I’m praying for patience.” It always makes me laugh. Not because it is not needed, but because I know it is needed.

But, the only thing about continually praying about patience is when you’re praying for something you usually are not actively participating in it. Most people, when they say they are praying for patience it means they are not acting patiently at the moment. Or, it means they do not want to be patient so they will ‘pray’ for patience. 

Patience is not something that you need to pray for as much as it is something you need to exercise. As believers in Jesus Paul tells us we have been given patience. That’s right, it is our inheritance. Meaning, it is not something we have to strive for, kick and scream to get, or have to beg God to give us.

In Galatians 5 Paul says patience is a fruit of the Spirit. Patience is something that you have been given by virtue of being a child of God, born of the Spirit. This means that you no longer have the excuse of not being patient because it is something you are praying for or waiting for God to give you. You have it, now you have to act on it.

The real issue is not that you don’t have patience for that job, relationship, team member, or friend. The issue is, in the area where you have ‘lost’ patience or have failed to excerise it vision has been lost. A lack of patience is always a result of vision.

Why can you patiently work through school 4 grueling years? Because you have vision for a degree and the job you want after you get the degree. Why can you go to the gym and work out, tearing your muscles at will? It is because you have vision for a healthier future so you can patiently work through the soreness. Why can you work two jobs and be patient through the process? Because you have vision to buy a house for your family or you have vision to get out of debt.

It’s time to reactivate your patience by reactivating your vision. In the areas you have lost patience recapture vision. Everything you are doing is building. Every step you are taking is movement. Don’t lose heart and forfeit your patient because a moment of lost vision.

Being patient is a choice easily excerised when the vision is worth the wait. Where have you been impatient? Discover this and you’ll discover where you must regain your vision.

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