Talent Is Never Enough

hardwork winsDo you know what you are naturally talented at?

If you were to look back on your life all the way to when you were a kid, what skills or gifts would you say came naturally to you? All of us have certain things we naturally thrive at. For you it may be you are relationally inclined, you gravitate towards people and have always motivated them. Or, maybe you are athletic or artistic, you seem to have a certain eye or edge for things.

When you are a child and your natural talents come out it’s great. Often times they cause you to stand out above the crowd, help you to easily arrive at the head of the pack, or even allow for you to be dominate in a certain area among your peers. However, the older you grow the bigger the pond gets.

We have all known of big fish in small ponds right? This is so common in sports. You have small town super stars, but as soon as they start competing in big cities or with greater amounts of competition they don’t seem to look so great, they become more common. This is not necessarily a bad thing unless you remain at the common place.

What separates a super star for an ordinary player is not necessarily talent, most often it is attitude, dilgence, and the amount of work they are willing to invest in the development of their talent. Having a natural nack for something is great, but if it is not developed it only remains a natural nack. In order to turn the natural nack into an expertise there must be intentional effort, invested time, and vision inspired discipline.

Tiger Woods, at a young age discovered he had a natural nack for golf. It seemed to run through his blood. During his teens and early twenties he stepped on the course and everyone was awestruck and mezmorized by his ‘natural talent.’ However, his natural talent did not make him the expert they saw winning the titles. It was his diligence, relentless practice, coaching, and refusal to remain common that propeled him to the level of expert.

Talent alone is never enough. Yea, you may be able to get by for a little while. You may actually be able to wing things for a time, but if you ever want to become an expert, someone that makes a significant impact inthe lives of others, it is going to take vision, diligence, intention, discipline, effort, coaching, and time.


Whether it is becoming skilled in building relationships, mastering an art, speaking, writing, leading, or raising children, it takes work.

You have the potential to excel. You may be talented, but don’t settle for talent alone, add to your talent vision, to your vision diligence, to your diligence intention, to your intention discipline, to your discipline coaching, and to your coaching time. One of the greatest tradgedies is to see a talent go undeveloped.

Choose today to embrace your talents and allow them blossom through the process of intentional growth and hard work.

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