Letting Loose Your Inner Superhero

Are you confident about what you have to offer?
As a trainer at a restaurant I often ask those I’m training, “Why should we keep you on our team? What sets you apart from the rest of the hundreds of people who come in looking for a job?” I can’t tell you how many blanks stares I get. When the stare doesn’t seem to wear away I usually press a little harder, “What makes you different? What makes you better, not in value, but in effectiveness then all those you sat with waiting for the interview?” One of the most common responses I get is, “I don’t like to talk about myself that way.” And one of the most common responses I give is, “If you don’t then who will?”
We all have to step back and ask ourselves the question, “If I are not confident about what I have to offer why should anyone else be?” As a trainer I seek to instill the greatest amount of courage, confidence, and self-worth in my trainees as possible. The reason is because if they are not confident about who they are then they can not be confident about what they have to offer.
You have seen those people who are trying to sell you something they won’t even buy themselves. You know, ‘those’ people who come up to you with a face that screams, “I know you’re going to say no, but please just let me finish my sentence.” But, where are you “those” people? Do you realize the goods that you have?
One of the greatest tragedies is selling yourself short of the greatness that God has placed inside of you. Of course you’re not perfect and I’m sure there are tons of areas where you could grow, but there are treasures hidden inside your jar of clay. You have to discover them and let them explode through the jar.
Selling yourself short is not humility and puffing yourself up always comes before humiliation. Both inferiority are superiority are forms of pride. Inferiority says you are less than God has said you are. Superiority says you are more than God says you are. In both cases you are exalting your thoughts and words above what God has declared about you.
You see, it’s not about making yourself inferior or superior, it is about confidently acknowledging that there has been greatness inside of you since before you were born. God does not make worthless things.
It’s time to let loose the superhero inside of you. To be confident in the things that are distinct to you. Don’t be afraid to shine, others may depend on it. 
It may just be you have not yet recognized and embraced the great things that you have to offer, that others need and want. If this is so, take some time today and write down the answers to these questions, “What do you have to offer? What sets me apart from others? How can I embrace these things?” It’s your time to shine!

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