W.R.A.P. #4: It’s More Blessed To Give Than Receive

Don’t you love receiving gifts? 

Over the last couple years I’ve been given so many great gifts: Giants tickets, clothes, movie passes, a plane ticket to South Korea, shoes, money, candy, books, vacations, food, & more! Seriously, I have received so many wonderful gifts over the last number of years that when I reflect on them I cannot help but feel overwhelmed with thanksgiving for God’s blessing on my life & for the people who gave me the gifts.
Yet, the crazy thing is that no matter how blessed, loved, & grateful I feel for these gifts I have received, Jesus said, “It’s more blessed to give than to receive,” (Acts 20:35). Whut?! All the joy, love, & wonderful feelings you have when you receive a gift can be exponentially outnumbered when you give a gift!
The other day at work I was serving a father & his little daughter who was about 4-5 years old, she was so adorable. Towards the end of their meal he asked if we served smoothies because she would love one. I went & put in the order, but I just wanted to bless this little girl so when I brought the drink I told her father it was on me (I did pay for it, no stealing from my restaurant). You should have seen how the little girl’s face light up when I brought the drink with a mountain of whipped cream on it. She was so happy!
While me buying a smoothie for a little girl was not a huge gift to the father or girl, it was one from my heart. No, I wasn’t doing it to get a bigger tip. I wanted to simply bless them, to give them something without expecting anything in return. Often when we give something we expect a certain reaction, response, gratitude, or something. Have you ever given something just out of sheer love?
True gifts are selfless, no strings attached

True gifts are given to bless others regardless of how they respond; these are the types of gifts where you enter into the selflessness of Christ & truly experience how, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”
The Challenge:

Today’s W.R.A.P. (Wednesday’s Random Act on Purpose) Challenge is to give someone a gift that is completely unexpected. The gift does not have to be big, but let it be from the heart. Today, give someone something not because they deserve it, not because they have done anything for you, and not expecting anything in return. Give a gift that is heart-felt & enter into the blessing of giving.

Let’s Do This Together

How do you feel when someone gives you a gift? How does it feel to give a gift without expecting anything in return?

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