Settling is the easy ways of saying, “I don’t believe I’m worth it,” and “I don’t believe I can do it.” When my wife and I were drowning in consumer debt I was constantly hit with the question, “Why?” “Why are you settling for average? Why are you setting to […]

No Average Joe Here… Are You Settling?

Wakeboard boots
Ever think about how you are often your greatest critic? It’s time to be your greatest fan. Build yourself up. Think & speak positively of yourself. You are worth it. My team & I were on a retreat from work and I got the awesome opportunity to learn how to […]

Your Greatest Critic or Biggest Fan, Which Are You?

SP Retreat
This past weekend rocked me in such a necessary way. There is nothing quite like God blowing the roof off your expectations. Everyone of us needs a good blasting by his love in such a way that our spiritual lid is lifted beyond anything we have ever experienced. When we […]

We Are Family. We Are One. We Are The Church.

Memorial Day
Yesterday, Monday, May 27, 2014, “Memorial Day,” was such a beautiful day for me. My wife, my teenage boy, and our two precious puppies went to my brother’s house and had a blast. We had a bbq, I made some bomb quacamole, and we swam the day away in his […]

We Choose To Remember: Memorial Day

record of wrongs
“Do you keep a record of wrongs or rights?” Yesterday I had a great time eating lunch with one of my good friends Robin Viray and we were sharing about how easy it is to become offended by someone. Offense is so common in relationships. And, no relationship is exempt […]

Do You Keep A Record of Wrongs or Rights?

Do you have the heart? I love games that come down to heart. You know the games I’m talking about right? Where both teams are equally tired, both have given it their all and both are battling relentlessly to the very end. I especially love watching an underdog arise from […]

Do You Have The Heart?

Husbands, have you ever felt emotionally tapped? I’m talking about being in a place where you know your wife needs your affection, emotional support, or words of loving affirmation, but you feel like you have nothing. This happened to me the other day. It’s not always fun. My wife was struggling […]

Emotionally Spent: When You Have Nothing To Give

Whit Flag
Surrender. What a scary word in our day and culture. So many run from such words because of how it makes them “feel” and the questions it surfaces. Surrender makes you a loser right? Surrender means you’re weak or incapable of victorious achievement doesn’t it? If you surrender it means […]

Surrender Does Not Mean You Do Nothing

eye to eye
What do you look for most in a loving relationship? I’m not talking about a surface level relationship with some ‘associate.’ I’m talking about a deeply loving, faithful, heart fully engaged type of relationship. Are you looking for affirming words, loving touches, gifts, money, or security? When I asked my […]

Wherever You Are, Be Fully There

Relationships are work, they are an investment. This means they take time to build, effort to grow, and protection to thrive. It’s funny how we look at our jobs, schooling, a career, or the pursuit of a dream as needing intentional effort, but assume our relationships will just happen. No […]

Relationships Are Work… And Worth It

Businessman sinking in heap of documents
Have you ever felt overwhelmed thinking about all the things you could be, should be, or are not doing? Isn’t it one of the most oppressive feelings to be weighed down by? Let me set you free right now. You can’t do everything. And, you are not meant too! I […]

You Can’t Do Everything

Cookie Cutter People
As long as you try to be someone else you will be miserable. There is nothing wrong with looking at the lives of others and admiring where they are, upholding their characteristics, or affirming their achievements. But, the minute you allow thoughts of comparison to overtake you the shadow of […]

You Are Not Everyone Else